Have you ever stopped to think what it must be like for a commercial roofer to climb roofs all day long? Do you think they would be any good at climbing mountains? Experience tells us that the answer is yes, those skills would translate over. While many commercial roofers are just climbing up a ladder, the very agile ones are climbing sideways and vertically, and they most definitely have the skills that transfer over into mountain climbing. The question is how many commercial roofing guys are mountain climbers?

The answers may surprise you.

Mountain Climbing Roofers?

You may be surprised to find out that many of the people we interviewed for this article were actually very articulate mountain climbers. They said that the skills and hard manual labor that they learned in their trade made them want to go higher and higher, and many of them have decided to pursue fun activities such as mountain climbing after work every day. Of course if their body is not already worn out, but that shouldn’t be the case if you’re taking care of yourself and remaining functionally fit. If you have previous health problems, and you’re doing work on a commercial roof, chances are you probably wont want to go out and climb after work, but if not, you should love it.

Commercial roofers possess all the qualities of a good mountain climber. They are agile, they are tough, and they are hard working, They are also smart about where they put their feet and rarely make mistakes. That’s what makes for a good roofer and mountain climber, and as we stated previously, may of the skills are interchangeable

What to do if you are looking for a good challenge?

I would say that if you’re a mountain climber looking for a good challenge, than go try working on a commercial roof. If you’re a commercial roofer, then go out and try mountain climbing to try and learn new skills. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, especially the friendships, the skills and the community that you can gain from both!

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